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Only Revlii gives you the online reputation you deserve with reviews, rankings, new customers, and repeat customers
Revlii automatically texts customers to request feedback using SMS short codes, QR codes, or a custom integration with your business software.
Your happy customers leave positive feedback and reviews on the websites of your choice. You get the chance to respond to negative feedback instead of having it shared online.
With more 5 star reviews than ever, your business ranks higher on Google, attracts more customers, and increases revenue.
The Reputation Engine
A one star increase in review rating can lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue.
The Complete Package
Review Generation
Revlii's Reputation Engine helps raving fans share their 5-star experiences, gets you more reviews, and gives your business a chance to resolve problems before they're shared online.
Messaging & Promotions
Get more repeat customers by using Revlii Messaging. Got a big promotion coming up? Revlii builds your customer lists so you can spread the word via text or email with a single click.
Performance Insights
Learn what your customers love and how to improve your business. With reviews, NPS scores, and more, Revlii's reporting dashboard makes it easy to turn insights into action.
Choose your plan
From small business to enterprise, we can build a reputation management strategy that matches your size, resources, and needs.
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Custom feedback page

500 free SMS messages

2¢ per message
The complete package
One-time integration fee
Starter plan PLUS:

Onboarding and team training

API integration

Customer messaging

Performance insights

Customer support

1,000 free SMS messages

1.5¢ per message

For larger organizations with unique needs.
Pro plan PLUS:

10+ locations

Online listings management

Unlimited messages

Dedicated support rep

Strategic consulting
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